• Arctic Ocean 2022 cruise report 

      Dodd, Paul A.; Nikolopoulos, Anna; Buckley, Shelby; Campbell, Karley; Divine, Dmitry; Eggen, Victoria; Gonçalves-Araujo, Rafael; Granskog, Mats; Hop, Haakon; Kern, Yannick; Koenig, Zoe; Lange, Benjamin A,; Lenss, Megan; Misund, Ole Arve; Muilwijk, Morven; Osanen, Janina; Raffel, Bonnie; Siddarthan, Venkatachalam; Sandven, Håkon; Shereef, Ahammed; Stürzinger, Vegard; Torre, Pedro de la; Fransson, Agneta (Report, 2022-08)
    • The Deep Arctic Ocean and Fram Strait in CMIP6 Models 

      Heuzé, Céline; Zanowski, Hannah; Karam, Salar; Muilwijk, Morven (Journal article, 2023)
      Arctic sea ice loss has become a symbol of ongoing climate change, yet climate models still struggle to reproduce it accurately, let alone predict it. A reason for this is the increasingly clear role of the ocean, especially ...
    • Divergence in Climate Model Projections of Future Arctic Atlantification 

      Muilwijk, Morven; Nummelin, Aleksi Henrynpoika; Heuzé, Céline; Polyakov, Igor V.; Zanowski, Hannah; Smedsrud, Lars Henrik (Journal article, 2022)
      The Arctic Ocean is strongly stratified by salinity in the uppermost layers. This stratification is a key attribute of the region as it acts as an effective barrier for the vertical exchanges of Atlantic Water heat, ...
    • Reduced Deep Convection and Bottom Water Formation Due To Antarctic Meltwater in a Multi-Model Ensemble 

      Chen, Jia-Jia; Swart, Neil C.; Beadling, Rebecca; Cheng, Xuhua; Hattermann, Tore; Jüling, André; Li, Qian; Marshall, John; Martin, Torge; Muilwijk, Morven; Pauling, Andrew G.; Purich, Ariaan; Smith, Inga J.; Thomas, Max (Journal article, 2023)
      The additional water from the Antarctic ice sheet and ice shelves due to climate-induced melt can impact ocean circulation and global climate. However, the major processes driving melt are not adequately represented in ...
    • The Southern Ocean Freshwater Input from Antarctica (SOFIA) Initiative: scientific objectives and experimental design 

      Swart, Neil C.; Martin, Torge; Beadling, Rebecca; Chen, Jia-Jia; Danek, Christopher; England, Matthew H.; Farneti, Riccardo; Griffies, Stephen M.; Hattermann, Tore; Hauck, Judith; Haumann, F. Alexander; Jüling, André; Li, Qian; Marshall, John; Muilwijk, Morven; Pauling, Andrew G.; Purich, Ariaan; Smith, Inga J.; Thomas, Max (Journal article, 2023)
      As the climate warms, the grounded ice sheet and floating ice shelves surrounding Antarctica are melting and releasing additional freshwater into the Southern Ocean. Nonetheless, almost all existing coupled climate models ...